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SWCDM Ranching for Rivers

The Ranching for Rivers program promotes the use of “riparian pastures” for improvement of fisheries habitat, in-stream flows, and establishment of cottonwoods, willows, and other woody riparian species. A riparian pasture is a relatively small pasture that can still be grazed for a portion of the year. Benefits of riparian pastures include improved management flexibility, the ability to use livestock grazing to manage weeds and overgrown vegetation, improved access for wildlife to stream areas, and decreased maintenance costs of fencing and off-stream water resources.

Landowners, Conservation Districts, and Watershed Groups who are working within areas with a DEQ-approved Watershed Restoration Plan are encouraged to apply for program funding for identified projects. The Gallatin Conservation District will assist and can sponsor landowners within Gallatin County who are interested in pursuing this funding for identified projects on their property.

Please visit the Soil & Water Conservation Districts of Montana website for updated application forms and instructions. Applications are accepted on a rolling base throughout the year.

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