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Fillable 310 Application

Any person proposing a project that may physically alter or modify the beds or banks of a perennial stream, river, or spring must first be granted a permit through the Gallatin CD. There is no fee to apply for a 310 permit. Other permits may be required. For 310 questions, please call 282-4350 or email:

310 Application fillable

310 Application Instructions

Please read and follow the instructions when filling out the 310 application.

Emergency Form

An emergency action may be taken to safeguard life, property, or crops. Emergency actions will be inspected and must be approved by the Board of Supervisors. If denied, the applicant must apply to mitigate the action taken.

Emergency Form PDF

Complaint Form

Any person may file a complaint to notify the Gallatin CD of unpermitted activity or activity being performed outside the scope of work.

Complaint Form PDF

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