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Ordering is currently closed. Orders for the 2022 season should open back up sometime in September 2021. Please visit to view past inventory lists and check out the order form.

Each year the CD helps promote and distribute seedlings from the DNRC Montananursery delivery Conservation Seedling Nursery. The seedlings must be used for a conservation project which include: windbreaks and shelter belts, riparian habitat improvements, erosion control, living snow fences, reforestation, or wildlife habitat. A conservation planting plan must be completed. All seedlings ordered in Gallatin County will be shipped to the Gallatin CD office in late April or early May for customers to pick up their order.

Orders are filled on a first come basis and priority is given to landowners with 10 or more acres. The minimum order for new customers is 150 bareroot or small containerized seedlings, though first time customers that order 48 or more 100 and 175 cubic inch seedlings exempt themselves from this requirement. Bare root tree and shrubs are sold in lots of 50.  Small containers are sold in lots of 24. Some species of both conifer and deciduous are sold in 100 cubic inch containers and must be ordered in lots of 8.

nursery deliveryThe seedlings are very reasonably priced and orders may be placed directly with the nursery.  Please contact our local DNRC Service Forester for questions about conservation plans, which trees to order for which soils and other conservation practices available to implement using these conservation seedlings.

DNRC Service Forester serving Gallatin County:
Chuck Barone
Bozeman Unit – Central Land Office
2273 Boot Hill Court, Suite 110
Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: 556-4507

For questions on the seedling program, please contact GCD at: or 282-4350. You can find more information, order forms, and order directly through the Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery

2021 Order Form
Inventory 9-17-2020
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