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The CD is offering a cost share program for Gallatin County landowners for natural resource-based projects. The CD will fund 50% of a project, up to $1,000.00. Instructions and the application are linked on the bottom of this page. 

There are four areas the CD will consider funding:

1) Water Conservation projects  (i.e. going from flood to sprinkler)
2) Soil Conservation projects (i.e. native landscaping, improving soil conditions, creating/enhancing growing space, etc.)
3) Irrigation Monitoring devices, (i.e. installing water monitoring/measuring devices) and
4) Weed control (i.e. Hiring a professional to spray weeds, etc.)

Not all projects are eligible to receive $1000.00 and the Board of Supervisors will determine awarded amounts.  Depending on the project, a land management plan may be required. 

Applicants are required to fund half of the project with a 50% match. Applicants will be ranked using several factors. Applicants may be required to participate in an on-site consultation and a completion inspection. Applicants are also required to provide before and after photos. Applicants must reside within the CD’s boundary. Projects proposed within the main city portions of Bozeman and Belgrade are not eligible for funding. Click here for Bozeman map. Click here for Belgrade map. 

For questions please contact GCD at:

Land Management Plan (Word Format)

Cost Share Application (Word Format)

Cost Share Application (PDF Format)

Cost Share Instructions (Word format)

Cost Share Instructions (PDF Format)

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