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The Gallatin CD first started dreaming about developing the Education and Outreach Center (EOC) in 2010.  The first step was to find an office space and available lot to make the dream a reality.  After looking at several lots throughout the Gallatin Valley we decided to look closer to the Manhattan area since the greater part of the agriculture community is to the West of the valley and much of the development is more towards the Bozeman area.

The EOC started out as a gravel lot covered in weeds.  It had been an old bowling ally that many of our supervisors remembered using when they were kids.  We thought it was the perfect opportunity to take the space and turn it into something beautiful!

It was built with many helpful hands and a huge support system from the community.  The estimated total cost of the project was $125,000.  We received a few very generous donations from local organizations and applied for and received help from several grants that helped cover some of the costs towards the project.  However, we could have never done it without the help of volunteers, supervisors, community members, and vendors who stepped up to donate time, materials, and labor.

In 2014, the EOC was recognized by the National Association of Conservation Districts and received the Presidents Award which notices an individual or organization that has been especially dedicated to advancing conservation.

Interested in volunteering at the EOC? Sign up here.


Educational Events &Workshops

Natural resource and environmental education is at the forefront of everything we do at the Gallatin Conservation District. The EOC provides us, and the community, with a beautiful outdoor learning space where GCD staff conducts a variety of educational workshops and events for all ages throughout the year. Workshop topics vary depending on the time of year, community interests, and what is going on in the world.

Make sure to check out our Calendar for upcoming event dates and the Education & Outreach menu tab to learn more about the educational programs we offer.

Demonstration Gardens

The Education and Outreach Center does not refer to one single building, but to an entire outdoor space whose main purpose is to demonstrate different types of conservation landscaping, native plant communities, and sustainable gardening methods (including composting and native gardening techniques). Educational signage and plant ID cards are posted throughout the gardens.


Are you interested in growing your own garden to attract pollinators? Check out this useful website!

Community Gathering Space

The EOC is open at all times for anyone to enjoy and GCD often hosts activities in the EOC for community events such as the Manhattan Christmas Stroll and Potato Fest.

We are strong supporters of our Manhattan community, Greater Gallatin Valley, and the state of Montana.  We encourage everyone to be a larger part of the community and conservation district world by participating in your local CD’s and all they have to offer!

Our main office is located next door to the Education and Outreach Center at 120 S 5th St, Suite B104 so feel free to stop by and ask questions about the space!




Our demonstration garden hosts all native plants which are best adapted to the local growing season, climate, and soils. They also provide shelter and food for wildlife and support pollinators!



The Gallatin Valley only receives an average of 15″ of rainfall a year. Our xeriscape garden is full of shrubs, grasses and flowers that are beautiful and require little to no watering!



Pollinators are vital to the production of food, without them the world would be hungrier and a lot less beautiful! This garden boasts a number of colorful flowering species that bloom throughout the seasons to create prime pollinator habitat.



Our raised beds boast a variety of organic produce and showcase multiple gardening techniques. Anyone is free to harvest from the beds, all we ask is you only take what you can use! Check out our composting systems while you visit the beds.


We have plenty of volunteer opportunities available throughout the Spring and Summer.  Everything from garden upkeep to teaching youth about conservation!  Contact GCD staff for more info!

Thank You to our Very Generous Donors

Manhattan Bank
Stockman Bank

Aquatech Inc.
Big Sky Watershed Corps
Bridger Plan Materials Center
Crop Production Services
DNRC Montana State Nursery
Earth Systems Compost
Gallatin County Master Gardeners
Gallatin CD Supervisors

MT Department of Natural
Resources & Conservation

Gallatin County Weed District
H&E Equipment
Holland Concrete Construction
Kanta Projects
Knife River
Kredit Electric
The Manhattan Community

National Association of
Conservation Districts

Montana Conservation Corps
Montana Native Plant Society
Montana State University Extention
MSU Water Quality & Horticulture Depts
Oasis Montana
Raven Electric
Schutter Farms

National Conservation

Spring Creek Farms
Springhill Sod
Town of Manhattan
USDA Natural Resource Conservation
Val Mencas Excavation
Western Pines
Westscape Nursery

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