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Gallatin County Landowner Book

Gallatin County Landowner Book

The book lists landowners with 15 or more acres and covers all of Gallatin County. The book also lists US Forest Service, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks, US Bureau of Land Management, and Montana State Trust lands.

This is a great resource for recreationists, agriculture producers, and the general public.  Cost of the book is $30.00 and the CD accepts check or cash. To order contact GCD at: or 406-282-4350.


Stocktank Wildlife Escape Ramps

Often birds and little critters perish when they cannot escape from a stockwater tank. The CD sells wildlife escape ramps which, once placed in a tank, helps eliminate the demise of birds and small critters.

The ramps are corregated aluminum and are lightweight, easy to install, and meet NRCS requirements. The ramps are approximately 22″ tall and can be angled to fit various sized tanks.

The cost of the ramps are $50.00. The CD keeps a minimal inventory so please allow 2-3 weeks for large orders. To order please contact GCD at: or call 406-282-4350.

Montana Women From the Ground Up

From the book, “Everyday I get a sense of wonder. We live where the seasons are so different. It can be really hot in the summer and frigid in the winter. But no matter what the season, there is always beauty out there. …” Nola Sorenson Peterson, Hill County Conservation District. Nola Peterson and her husband Kim own the Peterson Grain and Cattle Ranch northwest of Havre.

The cost of the book is $20.00.To order please contact GCD at: or call 282-4350.

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