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Information Pertaining to Gallatin Conservation District’s Declaratory Ruling on Pfeil Spring Creek Pond

The following documents have been provided to the public for further clarification and information as it pertains to the Gallatin Conservation District’s Declaratory Ruling on Pfeil Spring Creek and Pond. These documents demonstrate all of the actions taken by the Gallatin Conservation District and all correspondences deemed critical to the ruling.

Certificate of Record

Exhibit NumberNumber of PagesPerson, Agency, or Group Submitting ExhibitDate SubmittedComment
GCD-11Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)7/29/2020Verification Statement
GCD-21Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)Blank Verification Statement (make copy if needed)
GCD-343Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)5/28/2020Petition of Pfeil
GCD-41Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)6/18/2020Order on Jurisdiction
GCD-51Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)6/18/2020Order Appointing Hearing Officer/Determination of Public Interest
GCD-62Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)7/20/2020Scheduling Order
GCD-723Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)GCD Rules (2020)
GCD-85Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)October 2019Form 274- Official Complaint and supporting documentation
GCD-92Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)11/28/2019 & 1/17/2020Form 272- Inspection Reports and comments
GCD-101Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)12/20/2019Notice of Violation letter
GCD-117Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)1/14/2020Pfeil- response to violation
GCD-1216Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)Floodplain Permit Approval
GCD-1318Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)Imagery submitted by Inspection Team
GCD-1414Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)12/19/2019December 2019 Board Meeting Minutes
GCD-1515Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)1/30/2020January 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
GCD-1613Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)2/20/2020February 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
GCD-1718Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)3/19/2020March 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
GCD-1817Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)6/18/2020June 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
GCD-1942Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)February 2020February emailed + mailed public correspondence
GCD-2054Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)March 2020March emailed + mailed public correspondence
GCD-2166Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)April 2020April emailed + mailed public correspondence
GCD-222Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)9/1/2020Affidavit of Publication + public notice
GCD-233Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)9/3/2020Affidavit of Publication + public notice- Bozeman Daily Chronicle
GCD-242Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)9/11/2020Affidavit of Publication + Public Notice- Belgrade News
GCD-253Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)9/14/2020Statement from FWP contractor/Inspection Team
GCD-261Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)9/16/2020Statement from Inspection Team
GCD-273Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)9/16/2020Statement from FWP/Inspection Team
GCD-282Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)9/21/2020Zoom Meeting Scheduled Details
GCD-291Gallatin Conservation District (GCD)9/23/2020Public Hearing Notice for advertising- to run in Belgrade News 10/1/2020, 10/8/2020
Interested Person-17Richard Shockley9/15/2020Statement and supporting materials
Interested Person-213Margaret Lehmann9/15/2020Statement and supporting materials
Interested Person-34Megan Buecking9/16/2020Statement and supporting materials
Interested Person- 4130Megan Buecking10/14/2020Interested Person #4
GCD- 302Gallatin Conservation District10/14/2020Information + requests for presenters
GCD- 3116Gallatin Conservation District10/29/2020Public Hearing Transcript
GCD- 321Gallatin Conservation District12/10/2020Special Meeting Announcement
GCD- 3313Gallatin Conservation District12/30/2020Findings of Fact- signed
GCD- 342Gallatin Conservation District1/21/202112/30/20 Special Meeting Notes
GCD- 3541Gallatin Conservation District2/8/2021Complaint for Judicial Review
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