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Please refer to this guide for all questions regarding the Pollinator Initiative Program. Don’t see your question on the list? Contact us or fill out THIS FORM for an answer! We will update this page as more questions come in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I properly broadcast seed?

  • Broadcasting seed is a method of planting seeds that involves scattering seed by hand or through machinery.
  • Hand broadcasting the seed gives you better control in small areas 
  • Since broadcasting small seeds can be difficult, you should start with very small amounts to make sure you have enough seed to cover the entire area
  • If you are concerned about running out of seed you can break your seed area into sections (ex. 5 sections) and then split your seeds into 5 equal portions for example. That way it’s easier to visualize how much seed should cover a given amount of area

Can I plant these seeds in existing wildflower patches?

  • If you already have wildflowers growing on your land you can either remove everything from the plot and start from scratch or you can remove and treat areas where undesirable vegetation is dense and then seed the mix into islands of the existing vegetation

Can I seed on land that is close to wetlands?

  • Yes, you can! While there are no restrictions on the distance your plot needs to be away from a wetland for this program, there are a few things to consider first.
  1. Make sure that your plot is above the wetland so that the plant roots are lifted from the water table to keep them from being waterlogged 
  2. Reseed right after spraying to keep from chemicals entering the waterway. You can even look for herbicides labeled for spraying near water.

How can I spread the word on the Pollinator Initiative?

  • Follow this link to find pre-made content that you can post on your social media pages. See our “Social Media How to” for help!
  • Post progress photos of your plots and encourage your friends to join in! Add the #GCDPollinators
  • Remember to tag @Gallatincd on Instagram and Facebook
  • Get a free yard sign from us. Email with interest.
  • Follow this link to find pdf versions of the handouts and infographics that you can print out and share
  • Contact us and ask! (Elizabeth Emeline’s email: or phone: 406-282-4350)
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