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  Important Announcements

  • GCD Staff will be out of the office Wednesday, September 27th for field work and Thursday, September 28th for our annual Area Meeting.
  • GCD does not have a November board meeting and will not be conducting 310 business.  Please plan your projects accordingly.  
  • There is a change to our normal schedule for the December board meeting due to the holidays.  310 applications to be considered for the December meeting will be due Thursday, November 30th at 4:30pm.  The board meeting will take place Thursday, December 14th at 9am. 

 Coming up at GCD:

If you are a stakeholder in Gallatin County, please consider filling out the survey below to help us best address resource concerns in the county. The Conservation District will use your response to inform the Local Working Group of your concerns and where to target future collaboration between partners and landowners.
Stream Permits

Stream Permits

Any person, agency, contractor, or firm that is proposing a project that may alter or modify the beds or banks of a perennial stream, river, or spring, must first obtain a 310 permit.  If you are planning to work in or near a stream, you must get a 310 permit first.

It’s Free. It’s the Law.

Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Gallatin CD offers a variety of technical, financial assistance, and community programs for landowners across Gallatin County. We can help you create beneficial pollinator habitat, order seedlings for conservation plantings, test your private drinking wells and more!

Education & Outreach

Education & Outreach

Gallatin CD offers an array of educational events and opportunities for youth, adults, and organizations.  We also have an education and outreach center dedicated to providing education to the public.

District Resources

District Resources

Check out our calendar, district news, Gallatin County water supply outlook reports, partner links, and more!

Our Mission Statement: “To promote and guide the conservation and management of natural resources in Gallatin County.”

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Recent Updates

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See Meeting Documents in the top menu bar for GCD Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes.

GCD Approved August 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

8 August 2023 Minutes FINAL

GCD’s September 2023 Board Meeting Agenda

GCD’s September board meeting will take place Thursday, September 21st at 4pm.  120 S. 5th Street, Suite B102, in Manhattan.  The agenda is attached. Zoom is also available:  Zoom Link Meeting ID: 845 9312 9688 Passcode: 968439 Call in:  1 253 215 8782   9 September 2023 Agenda POSTED

“We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist.” – Wendell Berry

A few days ago, there was a Facebook post of someone asking why traffic was backed up on Highway 191, south of Bozeman.  I expected the comments to be about an accident that was causing the delay, as is increasingly becoming a regular occurrence along that stretch.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see comments…

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