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Arbor Day: Past and Present

As pioneers migrated west, settlers began to miss the trees that once coated the lands of the east. One man in particular, Nebraska newspaper editor and resident of Nebraska City NE - Julius Sterling Morton missed his community of trees.…

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Montana Conservation Districts at the NACD Annual Convention

In February 2023, several staff members from Conservation Districts across Montana had the opportunity to attend the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) Annual Meeting. This five-day event took place in New Orleans and provided attendees various tours, breakout sessions,…

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Regenerative Farming: Getting Back to our Roots

Approaching our agricultural system on a smaller scale: local farms on land we know, producing goods for those within our communities, makes us put more thought and care into what we are growing and where it is going. Regenerative farming…

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Love Them, But Leave Them Wild

Look at how thin the deer are this winter! There are a few coming toward the house… some apples won’t hurt them, right? Wrong!  While it may seem like you are doing the slender deer or scrawny squirrel in your…

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Where’s the Water? (Review of Water Year 2022)

You might hear the term ‘Water Year’ thrown around when people discuss drought. Simply put, a water year is used to describe 12 months where precipitation totals have been measured. Like most northern states, where precipitation falling later in the…

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